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Monday, July 17, 2006

Playing Games with APj

OK- let's see how well you know me...

1. Jobs I’ve had in my life:
a. rape crisis counselor b. caterer c. record store manager
2. movie I'd watch over & over:
a. anything Harrison Ford. b. anything Johnny Depp c. anything Keanu Reeves
3. places I've lived:
a. Fresno, CA b. Seattle WA c. Clovis, CA
4. tv show I love/loved to watch:
a. Sopranos b. Lost c. Party of Five
5. place I've been on vacation:
a. Florida b. Boston c. Hawaii
6. One of my favorite foods:
a. sushi b. spaghetti c. bagel with lox cream cheese
7. something I'd rather be doing right now:
a. sleeping b. cleaning my apartment c. Johnny Depp
8. Something I always/usually carry with me:
a. matches b. lip balm c. dental floss

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