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Friday, July 28, 2006

Dead on Acurate!

You are a Self-Discoverer

You're not religious, but you've created your own kind of spirituality.
Introspective and thoughtful, you tend to look inward for the divine.
You are distrusting of all forms of organized religion.
You especially dislike religious gurus and leaders, who you feel are charlatans.

2 Were Jade Ed :

  • At 1:30 AM, Blogger airplanejayne said…

    Here is me -- all statements are true -- except for the last one. All ya'll know I'm not the pushy type.
    "You are a Believer
    You believe in God and your chosen religion.
    Whether you're Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Hindu..
    Your convictions are strong and unwavering.
    You think your religion is the one true way, for everyone."

  • At 9:02 PM, Blogger jade ed girl said…

    I love about you that the last one isn't true and the others are. It's a rare combination.


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