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Friday, August 05, 2005

Adventures of Buck- Part 5

The novelty has worn off. The globes, I believe they are named Bambi and Thumper (I don't know which is which) are suffocating me. It's damp in here, and too damned hot! It's crowded too. There are at least a dozen others. Bill is quite friendly but there's this odd chap, round and heavy with a british accent rubbing up against me. He seems quite lost. I'm feeling claustrophobic... and the globes keep moving... and shaking... I'm beginning to feel ill. Then suddenly...
We are all released and fall tumbling to the floor, landing on top of each other in a soft, damp, red lace bed. I'm on top of the heap and thankful to be facing up til the british chap bounces off my nose. He spins off away from us on the hardwood floor, nearly falling down the stairs before he is stopped by a soft black paw. He is batted about the floor, becomes airborn and lands, of course, on my nose again, before bouncing off under the bed.
It's very dark now, and quiet. The fan above is stirring us gently and I drift off... I dream that I'm in Johnny Depp's pocket. It warm and... wait... yes, there's a small hole here. I press my eye to it... he's a commando man! I dream I am going to the store.

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