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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bad Momma!!

Ok- so... I know I'm a bad mother. Really, really horrible! I know that when your 7 month old daughter is in danger, your first thought should be for her safety. Was that my response? Noooo.... I know that when she is frightened I should comfort her. But did I? Nooooo....

Even if said "daughter" happens to be of the feline variety... and even if a Kleenex box on the head is not deadly... shouldn't I have run to her and removed the box? Of course, I should have! (Even if I haven't gotta should, DKL... this time I really shoulda) But again... did I? Nooooo.

I ran alright... laughing, to the other room... to get my camera. Bad Momma!
Great footage! I'm gonna have to have Lecram help me post it.

Don't worry... Ava is fine. It aparently wasn't that traumatic for her, cuz she stuck her head back in the box a minute after she got it off!

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