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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

In the Dark

So- I seem to be having issues with light bulbs! Now the kitchen light has burned out. That makes… kitchen…hallway… front porch… and Volvo’s left head. I have electricity…I have light bulbs… I have very high ceilings and no ladder! Yeah, I know I don’t need a ladder for the Volvo… I just need a man…or a wife…

So I should be cleaning my apartment right now. Even though Kien says I don’t hafta should :)
I do have a dinner guest coming tonight, so I need to clean. Hey maybe I’ll make him climb and change light bulbs!

Of course, instead of cleaning at the mo’ I am blogging. Stole this from APj and Lelly…

Jade Ed Girl Slogans-

I’d Like to Buy the World a Jade Ed Girl
Well, I wouldn’t have to buy her, I could just give her away.

8 out of 10 Owners Who Expressed a Preference Said Their Cats Preferred Jade Ed Girl
I could use that one at work!

Mama Mia, That’s a One Spicy Jade Ed Girl!
Paying homage to my Italian roots…wait my roots are grey… Italian heritage.

Reach Out and Touch Jade Ed Girl

Then there are these-
Give That Man a Jade Ed Girl…Reach For the Jade Ed Girl.. The Real Smell of Jade Ed Girl… Unzip a Jade Ed Girl… Obey Your Jade Ed Girl…Taste the Jade Ed Girl…Make Jade Ed Girl Yours… Can You Tell Jade Ed Girl from Butter?…There’s More Than One Way to Eat Jade Ed Girl… Any Time, Any Place, Jade Ed Girl Really Satisfies…Feel the Raw Naked Jade Ed Girl of the Road!!!! That’s Handy Harry! Stick it in the Jade Ed Girl!
??? Oh- God!! I gotta go to the store now!

But really, I like these the best-

Because Jade Ed Girl is Complicated Enough
All You need is a Jade Ed Girl and a Dream
Only a Fool Breaks the Jade Ed Girl

4 Were Jade Ed :

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