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Sunday, April 02, 2006

ABCs a la Nic

A- Accent- I love em all. I have a habit of picking up the speech patterns of the person I am talking too. Unfortunately, they sometimes think I am mocking them. I’m not, it’s unconsious.
B- Booze of choice – Not the drinker I once was, but I still enjoy Guinness. I love Boddingtons, but it’s hard to find around here. Often default to soda water with lime.
C- Chore I hate – all of them!
D- Dog or cat – I have one of each. The cat is soooo much less trouble. Love the dog, but they are so high maintenance!
E- Essential electronics – I absolutely HAVE to have something that music comes out of. I’m pretty fond of the coffee maker too.
F- Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) – Allergic to most of the women’s stuff. I usually prefer natural oils, sandalwood, ginger and dragon’s blood is a really nice blend that Cindy invented.
G- Gold or Silver? – Silver! If it’s gold, it has to be white gold. Platinum is best!
H- Hometown – ah jeez, (mumbling) Fresno, California
I- Insomnia? – yep. Less often as I get older. I am, however, the cure for it as well, just ask any man who’s been in my bed…right off to sleep they go…
J- Job Title – well for the job that pays the rent, it’s Office Manager for Banfield, the Pet Hospital; for the job that feeds my soul, it’s Artistic and Managing Director of Jade Ed Gypsy Productions.
K- Kids? – none yet, still hoping for 1 though.
L- Living Arrangement – with a sexy black girl named Veruca and a hot older blonde named Bodhi. OK, OK… with my dog and cat.
M- Most admired trait –I don’t know if anyone admires it, but I think I am an extremely sincere person.
N- Number of Sexual Partners- hmm… 1 more than I should have.
O- Overnight Hospital Stays – 1 when I was very young, not even sure what for. None since then.
P- Phobia – Claustro
Q- Quote – “Sometimes a banana is just a banana.”
R- Religion – If I go to church, it’s Science of the Mind, not to be confused with Scientology! My philosophy is that there are many paths to God, and whichever works for you is fabulous… provided you do not obstruct or repress or belittle any one else’s path.
S- Siblings – Just one brother, but he moved out when I was 7, so I have an only child mentality goin too.
T- Time I wake up – as late as I can and still make it to work on time. As early as possible if there is somethin fun to do.
U- Unusual talent/skill – I can turn the contents of nearly anyone’s fridge and pantry into a gourmet meal.
V- Vegetable I refuse to eat – I like all veggies.
W- Worst habit – smoking
X- X-rays – usually take my own at work, saves money.
Y- Yummy foods I make – authentic Cocktail de Camaron is one of my favs. My Aztec Brownies are very popular.
Z- Zodiac sign –Aquarius, of course.

4 Were Jade Ed :

  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger lecram sinun said…

    You do your own x-rays? Cool!

  • At 10:13 PM, Blogger airplanejayne said…

    AZTEC BROWNIES!!!!! I can't wait til I can have them!!!!!!

  • At 5:09 PM, Blogger Lelly said…

    Boddingtons huh?? How'd you pick up a taste for that? I'll have to bring you some if I ever get to your neck of the woods!

  • At 10:34 AM, Blogger jade ed girl said…

    Lecram- yeah, when I broke two toes "sailing" I went to the Doc who said I couldn't know for sure if they were broken. As if the triple sized purpleness was not clue enough... so I pulled out my x-rays...

    APj- will make them for ya when you get back from visiting parents:)

    Lelly- that's a good question... I suppose some pub around here at some point served it. But if that'll get you out here to visit...


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