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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Nic" names

The nickname topic seems popular among the lady bloggers, so here's my story:
Needed a production company name for my first year of the Rogue Festival. came up with a combination of two of my nicknames. Jade Ed was a character I played long ago and far away at CSUFresno in a production called "See Heresy." (Subtitled a punk rock funeral.) Other characters were named Dinah Cancer and ... oh hell, can't remember, but I bet Tanjora's Lydia would. Anyway, bout the only thing I remember is that the entire cast wore black and leather. Jade Ed wore a particularly revealing bustier with a large faux tattoo bat flying out of the cleavage. :) And Jade Ed pulled a switchblade on the pastor. Jade Ed was a bad girl. So different from the innocent actress portaying her. The name followed me to KFSR were I jocked mostly vinyl for 3 years. At one point in the record store were I worked, we all had Ed names on our badges. Educated Ed, Frustrate Ed, Twitterpate Ed, Interest Ed, and when Jason took a spill on his motorcycle... Dislocate Ed.
Second part of the name was easy. Close friends (read; those who have carried a trillion boxes up and down stairs) started calling me Gypsy after bout my tenth move in 9 years. It's been 17 years now, and yep- 16 moves and counting.
Other names of Nic of note include: "Ducky" in high school, it's a "Pretty in Pink" thing; and by my once, but no longer best friend "Schmacky La La." Don't laugh, we called her "Pootie Lou Lou." Ok, laugh if ya want to.

2 Were Jade Ed :

  • At 8:34 AM, Blogger lecram sinun said…

    If you knew Lou Lou,
    Like Pootie Lou Lou....

  • At 8:24 AM, Blogger Lelly said…

    Hey why would I larf at Schmacky la la? It's similar to one of my own names of nick - i.e. lahlah (only much more amusing!)
    The guy who coined lahlah gave one of his other friends the title of 'thrush'. I asked if it was because his friend liked to sing. He replied 'no, it's because he's an irritating c*nt'. Now THAT made me laugh, even tho I can never bring myself to use the See You Next Tuesday word.


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